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WHO: Alfred Pennyworth and Bruce Wayne [Closed]
WHERE: The Wayne Manor, De Chima
WHEN: The afternoon of the 25th
WHAT: Alfred goes to rouse Master Bruce from his slumber for a late breakfast and they both get a little surprise.
WARNINGS: Tiny Bruce. Too much cute and indignation to handle.

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You've reached Alfred Pennyworth. I'm unable to come to the phone at the moment, but if you leave a message, I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Day 44:
Alfred starts off the day with breakfast in the company of Honey. He gives the younger boy his promised glitter before being herded off to the showers and a very uneventful shift. When the intercom signals lunch time, Alfred's nurse leads him into the cafeteria, resuming her habit of making Alfred talk with new patients by having Alfred sit with Abe Sapian.

Day 43:
After waking up, Alfred is brought to the sunroom, where his nurse insists that he talk to Asch. They make arrangements to trade items after night falls before Alfred's nurse comes and takes him to the cafeteria. On his way out of the sunroom, Alfred takes the time to post the batsignal to the bulletin. Once in the cafeteria, the nurse, once again, leads him over to socialize with Jason. When the intercom sounds again, Alfred's nurse reappears and informs him that he has a visitor. Damian leaves before the shift is over and Alfred is escorted back to the sun room for the very short remainder of the shift. He runs into Richard there, and they make plans to meet at night before shift change.
After night falls Alfred exchanges items with Asch, as planned. Then a few unexpected things happen. Bart shows up outside Alfred's room saying that Robin sent him there to wait and, after waiting a while with Richard as a no-show, Alfred sets out on his own. He barely manages to collect the glitter that he promised to Honey, making his night shift mostly unproductive.

Day 42:
Alfred wakes up, shaken by the events that ended his night. Shortly after, his nurse arrives, giving him clothes and taking him out to the buses, where Alfred enjoys a rather angsty bus ride all by himself. Once he gets off the bus, Alfred starts walking down the street, observing the town, when he sees a familiar figure. After finishing his "talk" with Timothy, Alfred heads off to the Twin Pines for a quiet lunch, alone with his thoughts. After eating, Alfred made his way to the kitchen wares store, where he found himself when night fell and the town began to sink into a state of decay. After grabbing a few choice items from the store, and whacking a few zombies out of the way, Alfred made his way to the hardware store to join up with Timothy and Wesker.

Day 41:
Alfred's first day at Landels.
Intro-Alfred wakes up and is escorted to the sunroom, where he encounters Jason Todd and attempts to have a conversation with him. After Jason runs away from their conversation, Alfred is escorted back to his room for dinner with his roommate, Tenzen. The intercom sounds twice, signaling the beginning of Night Shift. Alfred steps outside into the hallway, where he meets Brooklyn and asks about the location of the bulletin. After they leave the sun room, Alfred and Brooklyn proceed upstairs to gather supplies and end up having a surprise encounter with Bruce Wayne as he walks away from his MU.


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