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WHO: Alfred Pennyworth and Bruce Wayne [Closed]
WHERE: The Wayne Manor, De Chima
WHEN: The afternoon of the 25th
WHAT: Alfred goes to rouse Master Bruce from his slumber for a late breakfast and they both get a little surprise.
WARNINGS: Tiny Bruce. Too much cute and indignation to handle.

There's nothing significant to set this particular day apart from any other as Alfred prepares a late breakfast for Master Bruce in the kitchen sometime around noon. The younger man was generally up until all hours of the night, either tinkering about in the cave beneath the manor or taking to the streets and rooftops as Batman, but it wasn't unusual for Alfred to have to cater to his odd sleeping habits. Although he did insist that Bruce at least be up and about by noon. He did still have a job to go to here, along with any other less publicly know habits that he'd resumed.

Alfred gives a cursory knock on the door, breakfast tray balanced between one hand and his shoulder before he lets himself in. The room is dark, blackout curtains drawn over the windows, and Alfred makes his way to the bed from memory, aided by the faint light coming in from the door. He sets the tray on the bedside table and walks over to the windows throwing the curtains open.

"Good morning Master Bruce. I believe it's time that you-" As he talks, he secures the curtains back from the window on one side, cutting himself off as he turns back to the bed. For a moment he thinks that the bed is empty and perhaps Bruce had fallen asleep at his work again, but there is somebody in the bed. Somebody much smaller than the somebody that ought to be in this bed. Alfred approaches the bed cautiously and looks down at the child sleeping there.

"Master Bruce?"

This can't be happening.
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